deverium Is Back From the Business Mission in California

Deverium CEO and Co-Founder Erika Maslauskaite is back from a two-week business mission in California. Accompanied by the members of AmberTech cluster and the Government of Lithuania delegation led by the the President of Lithuania Gitanas Nausėda, Erika has visited TechCrunch Disrupt conference, companies like Google, Riot Games, Anduril Industries, Apple, Plug and Play Tech Center and NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Deverium is a proud founding member of AmberTech, a cluster of leading Lithuanian IT companies, whose other members are Corner Case Technologies, Metasite, Baltic Amadeus, Reiz Tech, Adroiti Technologies, Linijos, GetFound XL, and Blazer Agency

The business delegation also took part in the historic Los Angeles–Lithuanian Business Forum that featured a broad spectrum of discussions and panels exploring future partnerships, showcasing the endless potential for collaboration between Los Angeles and Lithuania. The event’s focal point was the President’s Nausėda keynote address, a pivotal moment that underscored the significance of this assembly.


“This business mission is a perfect example of how the public and business sector can collaborate and thrive together. We can truly be proud about the results achieved working towards one common goal!” 

says Erika Maslauskaite, deverium CEO & Co-Founder

The idea to initiate this close collaboration between the government sector and Lithuanian ICT companies that eventually led to the creation of AmberTech cluster, was born in the mind of Andrius Neviera, Commercial Attache of the Consulate General of the Republic of Lithuania in New York and Vaida Greiciute, Co-Founder of product software development company Corner Case Technologies . Neviera describing the preparation for the trip said that he witnessed an incredible team spirit among Lithuanian companies:

“Over the last few months, almost a dozen companies worked together on defining their target client lists, unified branding, and value proposition. “Stronger together” was the common message in the meetings. Their active participation in the preparation process was what made the execution of the trip so different. A lot of people talk about the ideal collaboration between the public and the private sectors. While I can’t say we have found the secret sauce yet, I do feel like we are making giant leaps in the right direction.”

Andrius Neviera, Commercial Attache of the Consulate General of the Republic of Lithuania in New York

During the business mission, Erika also met with Jonas Zmuidzinas, a Lithuanian Physicist and Submillimeter Astronomer who currently is a physics professor at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). For years, he has worked at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory research center, contributing to the construction and operation of planetary robotic spacecraft. This business mission in California embodies the perfect collaboration among tech, business, government, and science that inspires the companies that participated in it to continue to create next-generation digital products that positively impact humanity. 

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CEO, Co-Founder

Erika, known as the champion of innovation and a curious strategist at heart, is a force to be reckoned with in the world of business development and digital transformation.In the past, Erika worked as an Executive & Board Member at major companies and startups in Tech, Fintech, Telco & Media industries, where she successfully led the Strategy & Business Development divisions. She has also co-founded the largest Innovation & Tech Festival in Baltics, LOGIN. Furthermore, she is an active member of the Lithuanian Tech community, serving as the ambassador of the WomenGoTech mentorship initiative and the board member of Fintech Hub LT.

Darius Liubinas


Darius is the IT transformation professional and self-described geek with a strong set of technical and interpersonal skills—a killer combination that has bolstered his success over the last ten years. Through years of international work experience, he has managed diverse teams and completed complex assignments in such areas as IT development, organizational change management, and big infrastructure and network development projects. Over his career of more than 15 years in telecommunications and Fintech industries, Darius has transformed big enterprise companies and led enormous business projects in Nordics and Europe. His sharp eye for detail and his dogged pursuit of the most efficient solutions possible have made him into thes keen and reliable tech industry leader that he is.

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