deverium joins the Inaugural ‘CEE Circle for Innovation’ Meeting


On March 21, Deverium co-founder and CEO Erika Maslauskaite participated in the inaugural “CEE Circle for Innovation” meeting held in Warsaw, Poland, where she contributed her expertise and experience to the discussions. The initiative was organized by the Washington D.C.-based consumer advocacy group, the Consumer Choice Center, in partnership with Meta.

The “CEE Circle for Innovation” represents a collaborative effort that brought together proactive entrepreneurs, trade representatives and academics across the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region to reflect on both national tech policies and the European Union’s digital agenda. As all Central Eastern European countries fall below the EU average in terms of aggregate innovation numbers, the discussions during the meeting delved deep into the intricate web of factors that either promote or hamper innovation within the CEE region. From regulatory frameworks to cultural attitudes, each facet plays a pivotal role in shaping the innovation ecosystem. By analyzing these elements, the event sought to pave the way for resilient, innovative, and forward-looking markets not only in the CEE but also beyond its borders.

The initiative’s main areas of focus included evaluating the technological strengths and weaknesses of CEE states, devising strategies to boost tech innovation at both national and EU levels, fostering a fair regulatory environment in Europe by studying successful approaches and areas for improvement, and striving for a cohesive CEE stance on tech policy by identifying shared priorities and methods to impact the EU agenda.

CEE Circle for Innovation 2024 Warsaw Meta HQ

With upcoming elections in EU elections and the Polish Presidency of the EU Council in the first half of 2025, it’s time for CEE countries to step up and shape the EU’s digital priorities. I’m delighted to share the highlights of our first CEE CIRCLE FOR INNOVATION roundtable.
Our goal –  to foster a pro-innovation environment in CEE countries by providing a platform for collaboration among digital policy leaders. With policy experts from CEE we discussed everything from the role of our countries in shaping digital transformation to the potential of open-source AI models like Meta’s Llama 2 – accessible to individuals, researchers and companies to experiment, innovate and scale their ideas responsibly. The meeting brought together digital experts from across the region, with special guests from Meta’s global structures:
Joel Kaplan, VP Global Policy and Markus Reinisch, VP Public Policy Europe. This is just the beginning. We look forward to continuing these important discussions and deepening our understanding of the opportunities and challenges in the digital landscape at our next meeting in in Brussels!

Jakub Turowski, Public Policy Director, Central and Eastern Europe at Meta

“Our discussions during the event have revealed that tech innovators in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) face many similar challenges and may require similar solutions to overcome them. Being direct and honest about both CEE’s and the EU’s tech innovation potential, as well as the struggles tech businesses face today, is important. Rather than complaining or accepting policy developments as an unavoidable fate, the CEE must become more focused and proactive.”

Egle Markeviciute, Head of Digital & Innovation Policy at Consumer Choice Center and ex Deputy Minister at Ministry of the Economy and Innovation of the Republic of Lithuania

Ms. Eglė Markeviciute

“The CEE Circle for Innovation has emphasized the common challenges encountered by tech innovators in Central and Eastern Europe. It is evident that we must directly confront these obstacles and collaborate on innovative solutions. Recognizing the immense potential for tech innovation in both CEE and the EU, while also acknowledging the barriers hindering our progress, is crucial.”

Erika Maslauskaite, CEO and Co-founder of deverium, stressed the importance of the collaborative efforts

Ms. Erika Maslauskaite

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CEO, Co-Founder

Erika, known as the champion of innovation and a curious strategist at heart, is a force to be reckoned with in the world of business development and digital transformation.In the past, Erika worked as an Executive & Board Member at major companies and startups in Tech, Fintech, Telco & Media industries, where she successfully led the Strategy & Business Development divisions. She has also co-founded the largest Innovation & Tech Festival in Baltics, LOGIN. Furthermore, she is an active member of the Lithuanian Tech community, serving as the ambassador of the WomenGoTech mentorship initiative and the board member of Fintech Hub LT.

Darius Liubinas


Darius is the IT transformation professional and self-described geek with a strong set of technical and interpersonal skills—a killer combination that has bolstered his success over the last ten years. Through years of international work experience, he has managed diverse teams and completed complex assignments in such areas as IT development, organizational change management, and big infrastructure and network development projects. Over his career of more than 15 years in telecommunications and Fintech industries, Darius has transformed big enterprise companies and led enormous business projects in Nordics and Europe. His sharp eye for detail and his dogged pursuit of the most efficient solutions possible have made him into thes keen and reliable tech industry leader that he is.

Edvardas Maslauskas

Head of Technology, Co-Founder

Edvardas is always ahead of the curve when it comes to delivering high-quality digital solutions and products. He has a vast knowledge of various technologies and platforms and a proven track record of leading complex enterprise-level mobile software development projects, while overseeing the whole SDLC process. In addition to his passion for all things tech, he also excels in leading teams, managing relationships, and supporting tech product development. He has led numerous multicultural teams developing products for Fintech companies in the area of AI and Machine learning , earning himself a well-deserved reputation as a mobile technology leader and the go-to person when it comes to digital transformation.